Feelings & Emotions - 8 Items

  • A game for learning to identify 10 different facial expressions and associate them with four real characters. Comprises 50 cards divided into 10 master-cards with illustrations of 10 expressions+40 photo cards of four people showing these 10expressions. It includes an educational guide and container. Equipped with a self correcting system on the back. Ref. Code:20542

  • Set of 10 large stamps for representing and playing with the 10 basic emotions that guide our behaviour: happiness, self-confidence, admiration, curiosity, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, fear and guilty. Helps children to identify and express their emotions and to develop their social and emotional skills. Can be used with any ink. Ref. Code:20546

  • These handy, unbreakable mirrors are a fun way todevelop awareness of expressions and self, as wellas speech and language development! One side Is a regular mirror; the other side is a “fun mirror” thatwarps reflections. Set of 6non-glass mirrors. Ref. Code:3371

  • Build self-awareness! Students look at their reflectionsand then draw matching facial features. Greatfor About Me themed lessons. Set includes 4 mirrors. Ref. Code:3373

  • Set of 6 hand puppets (four of which are reversible with two different faces) plus an MP3 CD containing a recording of 2 full stories with music and dialogue. Stagingthe stories with the hand puppets helps children to learn about emotions so they can recognise them in the future. The MP3 CD contains a script with the story textsand an educational guide of activities for working with the subject of emotions. Each story lasts approximately 10 minutes. The CD includes several languages as asupport for teaching other languages. Ref. Code:64001

  • There’s no better way to explore coloursthan with super-safe viewers even babiescan use! 6 translucent viewers are all madeof shatterproof acrylic with extra-chubby,easy-grip plastic handles. The set includes2 each of 3 colours Ref. Code:DD657

  • Babies love to see their reflections in our extra-safe, shatterproof mirrors! Each features a chunky plastic handle that’s easy to grasp, plus a permanently encasedmirror that won’t shatter or break! Ref. Code:DD659

  • Nurture growth in young minds and bodies—with activity-filled boxes that help infants & toddlers reach developmental milestones! Each box targets skills in 1 of4 key areas with a variety of age-appropriate materials—from lacing rings & feelings bears to a puzzle board & tactile colour cards. Plus, each box includes teacher’s guide cards filled with toddler-friendly activities coordinated to the materials—all designed to strengthen muscle control, boost oral language skills, promote social interaction & more! Ref. Code:HH512