Gears, Simple Machines & Energy - 12 Items

  • Students discover how simple machines make work easier with realistic models they construct themselves. All materials are supplied to build a pulley, inclined plane, wheel and axle and more. Comes with illustrated instructions and an in-depth guide with activities for all 5 machines. Set of 63 reusable pieces, largest piece is 33cm. Ref. Code:2442

  • Techno Gears Marble Mania Extreme has over 330 pieces that can be used to create a marble run that will automatically take your marbles and move them through the run. The set includes multiple channels,3-D connectors and structures, a power lifter and much more everything necessary to build and “power up” hundreds of marble run designs. Ref. Code:455654

  • A 90 pieces set to discover the basic notion of electricity. More than 10 experiments to learn about parallel connections, luminous circuits, hook-ups. Includes all parts required for assembly such as socket tubes, connecting wires, motors. Full colour 32 pages sheet with explanation of concept and models. Ref. Code:7059

  • Build 10 solar-powered models and discover how solar cells generate electricity from light. The solarpanel can generate 3V of electricity in bright sunlight Full colour 28 page instruction manual with explanation of concept and models. Ref. Code:7303

  • A 165 pieces set to build 15 vehicles propelled by a hydro pneumatic motor. 2 different systems: 5 modelswith a motor using pressurized water, ideal for inside use since this system keeps the water in. 8 models with a reaction motor using pressurized water, ideal for outside use since this system releases water. Includes; all parts required for assembly, water tanks, secure pump, nozzle, air-water power pack.Full colour 48-pages instruction sheet with explanation of concept and models. Ref. Code:7323

  • Build 2 giant wind turbines ofalmost 1 meter high! The energygenerated by wind can turn adiode on or recharge a battery! Fullcolour 40-page instruction manualwith explanation of concept andmodels. Ref. Code:7324

  • A 61 pieces set to discover the basics of solar power. It’s also an educational tool to teach children the gear ratio by different working speeds and power from the models.The patented solar power pack included, consists of a solar panel, a motor and a gear speed reducer which can transform solar power into electricity and then drive themodel. Apply the solar panel vertically to the models and it will still work fantastically. Ref. Code:7361

  • Children build step by step for their own telescope, binocular, icroscope, astronomical telescope, movie projector one of each time. Excellent to learn the principle and construction of these science tools building by themselves. Inspire by more than 29 related experiments included in details in a colourful manual. Ref. Code:7368

  • This set exists of 20 double-sided write & wipe cards offering nearly 40 hands-on activities with simple machines through real-life examples. Supports small groups or individual learners. Cards measure 25 x 18cm and store in file box. Use with Simple Machines Set (Ref. 2442). Ref. Code:7442

  • This play set features 150 plastic meshing gears, connectors and interlocking bases that offer hundreds of 3-dimensional construction possibilities. Packed in a giant storage tub with activity guide. Ref. Code:9164

  • This DIY Solar kit enables children assembling the parts and transforming into 6 different types of motor-driven machines actuated by solar power! Includes 1 mini motor, 1 solar panel, 44 pcs of plastic components, instruction manual. Ref. Code:EL315

  • Provides eight mechanical models that enable children to get a basic understanding of gears, levers, pulleys, and wheels and axles. Ref. Code:LEG9656