Super Buys - 7 Items

  • Set of 10 pieces, 4 Actiroll 40, 4 Actiroll 60, 2 Actiroll 80. Comes in assorted colours. Ref. Code:00177

  • Kit contains: 6 Weplay jumping / bouncing balls , 6 jumping sacks and 8 x skipping ropes. Contents colours may vary from picture. Ref. Code:2220081

  • Kit contains : 6 Foam Flyers, 6 pairs and balls scoop ball and bat, 6 dancing hoops, 3 sets of Rainbow wand, 6 toss and catch game, and set of 6 Pinnie. Ref. Code:2220082

  • For older children can be used indoor and out. Equipped with handles. Set of 6 jumping balls of assorted colours and sizes. Ideal for a physical education session. Balls diameter range from 40-65 cm Ref. Code:222080

  • Teach children about various human emotions with this fun ball set. It includes the following: 7 x animal balls (25cm diameter), 6 x emotional balls (20cm diameter), 6 x fruit face balls (25cm diameter) and 6 x funny face balls (25cm diameter) Ref. Code:BR992

  • This mega set consists of the following: 1 Weplay Motor Skill Basic Set of 34 pieces, Rungs way set of 4, 1 weplay Teamwalker of 4 pairs, 12 pairs of hands and feet. Ref. Code:KM20001034K

  • This mega set consists of the following: 1 x KT0009B (Wavy Tactile Path – Blue), 1 x KT0009G (Wavy Tactile Path – Green), 1 x KT0011 (Balance Stepping Clouds), 1 x KT0008 (Rainbow River Stones). Ref. Code:WY0009NK