Spatial Awareness - 13 Items

  • A group game for developing spatial orientation featuring two games: a bingoof opposites (blue frame) and a bingo of spatial orientation (red frame). Ref. Code:20522

  • A briefcase containing 14 geometric shapes and 15 rods to form up to 50 differentgeometrical patterns. It develops spatial perception and helps children learn aboutdifferent geometric shapes through observation and handling Ref. Code:20523

  • This game introduces children to the notion of left and right by means ofcards showing a person seen from the front and from behind. The cards showdifferent objects, which can be located on both sides of the character. Ref. Code:20537

  • An observation game comprising upto 30 different characters, from thefront, from the side and from behind,to complete the long master cards Ref. Code:20541

  • Different activities are available based around recognition of spatial relationships.The workshop equipment can be used for children to work in pairs. The box contains:18 activity boards split into 3 sets, 2 plastic support grids (grid side: 26 cm), 96 strongcard customers (side: 4 cm), 6 plastic bags for storing counters, 1 teacher’s leaflet onCD. Ref. Code:342224

  • Stacking and building games for logic and spatialawareness activities. The workshop equipment can beused for children to work in pairs. The cards representconstructions to be reproduced in 3D, taking into accountthe objects position, orientation and colour. For2 to 4 extra children, just get 1 or 2 Extension Packs.The box contains: 24 instruction cards in 4 sets (L / w: 20 x 13 cm), 18 plastic objects of 3 types (roof, upperfloor, ground floor) in 3 colours (red, yellow, blue), 6plastic bases. Ref. Code:342227

  • An entertaining puzzle to introducethe basic concepts ofspatial awareness: in front of/ behind, on/under. 16 piecesand a base of varnished woodbase Ref. Code:387162

  • This pack aids teaching spatial awareness using learning activitiesand helps children acquire the following concepts: below- above - in front of - behind - inside - outside. A novel toolto teach children to count. Clear and entertaining situations inquestion/answer format. Self- correction cards encourage independentlearning. Fast and easy set-up for support sessions.72 double-sided cards. 5 dividing inserts. A teachers guide includingan evaluation sheet. Ref. Code:388044

  • This visual discrimination game helps children tobe aware of basic concept of quantity ( comparequantities, recognise numbers from 1 to 10 etc.)Set contains 72 double-sided cards ( different series),5 dividing inserts and a teacher’s guide includingan evaluation sheet. Ref. Code:388047

  • Teach spatial awareness using learning activitieswith easy situations, to help children acquirethe following concepts: Below/ Above;In Front/Behind; Inside/Outside. Set contains72 double-sided cards ( different series), 5 dividinginserts and a teacher’s guide including and evaluation sheet. Ref. Code:388048

  • Practice following verbal instructions, asking clarifying questions and buildcritical thinking skills! Tackle “Listen & Build” challenges in teams or with thewhole class. Set of 20 plastic, chunky pieces features 4 different shapes and 3 differentattributes for a real challenge! Includes 20 double-sided Activity/QuestionCards and Guide. Ref. Code:9280

  • Get a different perspective on problem solving with this critical thinking 3D shapes game! Game play challenges players to build 3Dpuzzles from a variety of different visual perspectives such as birds-eye and front on. Critical thinking game play sharpens spatialvisualization, critical thinking and problem solving skills through three levels of play. Game includes 15 coloured blocks, 20 doublesidedactivity cards (featuring 40 different challenges) and multilingual activity guide. Ref. Code:9284

  • Inspire young children’s thinking skills with this pattern and matching game! Ideal for building memoryskills, this colourful critical thinking game requires players to re-create a structure from the activitygame cards. Increase the challenge by having players create their model by verbal direction insteadof looking at the activity cards. Game play promotes strategic thinking, problem solving and listeningskills. Includes eight chunky, plastic pieces, 20 challenge cards and a puzzle tray. Ref. Code:9285