Good Behaviour - 4 Items

  • Set of five sequences for teachingchildren how to prevent situationsof bullying before they even happenand equipping them with thestrategies to tackle it. Ref. Code:20840

  • Set of 9 hand puppets and an MP3 CD containing a full recording, with music and dialogue, of two speciallyadaptedclassic stories: “The Ugly Duckling and Tolerance” and “Pinocchio and Lying” for teaching childrenvalues in the classroom. It helps to foster attitudes of respect, tolerance, equality and responsibility as well aslooking at lying and its consequences. The MP3 CD includes a script with the story texts and an educationalguide with classroom activities that support values education. Each story lasts approximately 10 minutes. Ref. Code:65003

  • It is sometimes hard to motivate children to help out with domestic chores and this puzzle should encourage more participation with the following themes: Baking 4 pieces, Sweeping up 4 pieces, Tidying up 6 pieces, Washing up 9 pieces. Ref. Code:JJ053

  • Beautiful photographic posters show children modelling good manners—from sharing to being patient. Plus, the familiar settings and situations make it easy for children to learn & adopt positive behaviors. Set includes 20 posters and a guide. Ref. Code:PP756