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  • AED 75.00

    My first ball. Easy grasp for babies Safe. Comes in beautiful colours. Colour may vary from picture. Diam: 15 cm Ref. Code:66067

  • AED 250.00

    Set of 24 rubber wood blocks in 6 shapes and with 4 different transparent coloured acrylic inserts for building, comparing, shape recognition, colour mixing and for use on a light box. Rectangle. L / w / h: 10 x 5 x 2.5 cm. Ref. Code:73275

  • AED 443.00

    16 large rubber wood blocks containing beads, transparent acrylic, coloured sand and water/glitter filled pockets in 4 different shapes (square, rectangle, triangle and semicircle). The Sensory Blocks will promote observation in the wider sense, as all the shapes follow the same convention of colour and shape. So for example, regardless of the contents of the block the squares are always red. The combination of smooth wood exterior and the brightly coloured sensory centre makes a fascinating component with a multitude of educational possibilities for use with children of all ages. Rectangle L / w / h: 14 x 7 x 4 cm Ref. Code:73281

  • AED 1,329.00

    Giant visually stunning building bricks made from beautiful rubber wood with colourful transparent acrylic inserts. Can be used in building and stacking with double and half sized bricks. The set includes 36 pieces (24 large, 12 small) with rounded corners and colourful inserts (red, green, blue, yellow, clear and mirror). Children will hold them up to their eyes to see a world in different colours. Can also be used for colour mixing and on a light box. Large brick. L / w / h: 20 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm Small brick. L / w /h: 10 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm Ref. Code:73380

  • AED 195.30

    Size comparison and color recognition skills stack up with these Stack ‘em Up Doughnuts! Children place the doughnuts from biggest to smallest and fit the doughnut hole on top. They’re also perfect for inspiring hours of play in their pretend kitchen, store, or restaurant. The Learning Resources Stack 'em Up Doughnuts Features: A stand 5 Doughnuts, the largest measuring 12.7cm in diameter. Ages 18 months+ Ref. Code:7352

  • AED 210.00

    What a fun and engaging way to encourage toddlers to get an early start learning numbers, colors, and more! Kids can combine the xylophone sections different ways for a variety of creative play options. Let them match the colorful pieces, or tap a tune by color and count the keys from 1 to 8. Includes plates numbered 18 on 4 sections and 2 drumsticks. Half-circle layout measures 20.32 cm in diameter. Ages 2+ Ref. Code:7738

  • AED 222.60

    Enhance tactile and sensory awareness when you get the Learning Resources Hide-N-Go Fish game. Kids can catch fish in three different colors and sizes, and vinyl flaps over the opening ensure there\'s no peeking. This kids\' learning game is a great way to teach children and to help them gain a sense of the world surrounding them. After they catch all of the fish, they can snap the fish together like pop beads for fine-motor skills practice. This Learning Resource game includes a total of nine fish and one bowl. It makes a fun party game and is also great for individual play. Includes 9 fish and 1 bowl. Ref. Code:8921

  • AED 222.60

    Enhance tactile and sensory awareness! Reach into the barn and identify favourite barnyard animals by feel vinyl flaps over the opening ensure you can’t peek! Then, match the adult to the baby for extended learning and play. Includes 8 animals (cow, duck, horse, and pig) and 1 barn. Ref. Code:8922

  • AED 195.30

    A trip to the barnyard is just a few spins away with the build & Spin: farm friends from Learning Resources. This portable playset’s sturdy base comes with spaces for eight chunky gears complete with friendly, farm-themed toppers: A smiling Pig, prancing Horse, Newborn chick, spotted cow, toothy rabbit, bearded goat, jumping sheep, and big red barn. Each kid-sized piece snaps securely into place, allowing kids to work on their fine motor skills as they construct and deconstruct their mix-and-match playset. When they're not imagining themselves down on the farm, learning new vocabulary words, or building up the muscles needed for fine motor control, kids can pass countless minutes twisting and turning build & Spin: farm friends’ colorful gears, which provide an exciting hands-on lesson in the concept of cause and effect. Unlike the actual barnyard, this playset is also easy to clean and take on the go. Ages 2+. Ref. Code:9221

  • AED 636.00

    Four different had plastic boards with four different activities: touch, pre-writing, movement and visual. Stickers included to fix anywhere especially on furniture to make it more exciting for kids. L / w / t : 38 x 38 x 3 cm Ref. Code:937

  • AED 173.00

    Tots develop fine motor skills and eye/hand coordination as they twist our animal builders together! Children simply match the plastic rods and body pieces—or mix them up to create silly new animals! Includes 4 animal rods & 12 animal body pieces. L: 17 cm Ref. Code:AA105

  • AED 551.00

    This Set of fun-filled boxes give tots a hands-on way to explore colours! Each box contains 4 delightful objects with exiting textures and bold patterns- all featuring the same bright colour for plenty of reinforcement. Little ones reach into explore a soft blue fish, a squeezable red ball and more... and discover each colour one at a time. Set composed of 4 vinyl boxes and 16 accessories are all surface-washable. Box L/ w:12.7 x 12.7 cm Ref. Code:AA388

  • AED 343.00

    From a scaly fish and a fluffy towel to a cute lion with a furry mane, our cards are filled with exciting textures to stimulate curious tots! Each sturdy card has a fun-to-touch picture on front labelled with the name of the object…plus questions and prompts on back designed to help tots build language skills as they feel and explore. Set of 40 cards in 5 different categories; comes in a box with handy dividers. Cards L/w: 14.5 x 11.5 cm Ref. Code:AA808

  • AED 308.00

    Little ones get a hands-on sensory experience with our irresistible see-inside blocks! 12 baby- safe blocks are filled with balls in 3 sizes & 4 colours—and they make intriguing sounds with every shake! With soft plastic edges for easy gripping; L: 5 cm. Ref. Code:AA823

  • AED 597.00

    Does a rubber ducky sink or float? What can a magnet pick up? What does a snake’s skin look like up close? Little ones discover the answers to these questions and more with a toddler-safe science center made especially for them! We’ve packed the center with tons of super-safe materials children will love to explore, giving them hands-on experience with essential science concepts from magnification and reflection to colour recognition. Center includes everything shown, for a total of 34 pieces; L: 24.13 cm long. Ref. Code:AA866

  • AED 674.00

    A fascinating hands-on way for toddlers to explore sight and sound. The see- inside tubes are filled with objects of different colours, weights, shapes and sizes, such as: feathers, bells and sparkly gems, so kids get lots of fun sensory experiences. Durable plastic tubes are permanently sealed for safety. Set contains 5 tubes. L : 40 cm Ref. Code:AA931

  • AED 258.00

    Strong like bricks, yet light enough for a child to lift several with one hand! Our blocks are made of incredibly durable cardboard & their big, lightweight design lets even little builders create towering structures. In 3 colours& Sizes Largest L: 30.5 cm Ref. Code:CB213

  • AED 381.00

    Strong like bricks, yet light enough for a child to lift several with one hand! Our blocks are made of incredibly durable cardboard & their big, lightweight design lets even little builders create towering structures. In 3 colours& Sizes Largest L: 30.5 cm Ref. Code:CB214

  • AED 1,368.00

    It’s more fun than ever for babies to discover their reflections…with a fascinating mirror center that lets them view themselves from 5 different angles! Our dense foam, vinyl-covered center has a fun, fold-out design that sets up anywhere…inviting babies to crawl right up—and discover themselves again and again. It even folds up to become a compact, 5-sided center—for crawl-around fun! Mirrors are made of safe, shatterproof acrylic; L: 152.5 cm Ref. Code:CS922

  • AED 308.00

    Tots touch, toss & squeeze our soft-sewn balls…and build sensory awareness as they play! The balls have lots of fun textures, super-bright colours…plus jingling bells, soft crinkles, rattling beads and more. Best of all, the balls are fully machine-washable! You get a Set of 6 sensory balls. Largest L: 19.5 cm. Ref. Code:DD384

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