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  • AED 250.00

    This felt chart has 15 attachable Velcro organs and 13 name labels which helps students to place and label organs correctly. By linking the labels to a number, students can check if they placed the organs correctly. A great resource for curriculum topics! L / w : 70 x 50 cm Ref. Code:146032

  • AED 231.00

    This colourful cloth chart comes with 24 attachable motifs and 21 name labels to help young children learn the names of parts of the body. There is also a stitched outline of the body on the back cloth to help young children attach the pieces correctly. Ref. Code:181122

  • AED 150.00

    Look inside the human body with these realistically detailed models. Each model separates into halves, one with labels and the other with letters for self-checking or assessment (heart features labels only). L : 13cm Ref. Code:1902

  • AED 162.00

    This 2-part model helps students understand the complexity of the brain. One side is labelled with parts of the brain, the other side is labels with letters for assessments. An activity guide is included. Ref. Code:1903

  • AED 162.00

    Features enamel, dentin, pulp, cementum, nerves, blood vessels, root and crown. L : 12.7 cm Ref. Code:1904

  • AED 150.00

    Look inside the human body with these realistically detailed models. Each model separates into halves, one with labels and the other with letters for self-checking or assessment (heart features labels only). and come with an activity guide. L (approx): 13cm Ref. Code:1907

  • AED 173.00

    An association game for learning to classify food stuffs depending on their origin: from plant roots (potatoes), from plants and shrubs (tomatoes), from trees (apples), from the sea (fish) and from the animals (eggs, meat, etc.) Up to 5 children can play. The game consists of 5 hexagonal cards (representing the five origins of food) + 30 cards featuring foodstuffs. The game is equipped with a self correcting system on the reverse side. Includes a teaching guide. Ref. Code:20551

  • AED 199.00

    A game of association to relate basic foodstuffs with the colours of a traffic light, based on how frequently they should be eaten, where green means often, amber means sometimes and red means occasionally. Ref. Code:20553

  • AED 185.00

    Do we know what we’re eating? This game lets you discover the most common food, allergies and intolerances, which foods cause them, and what symptoms they can cause. It helps to generate empathy towards fellow students with food intolerances and encourages their acceptance and integratioon in the classroom. Ref. Code:20555

  • AED 115.00

    The ‘Know what you are eating’ puzzle teaches children about healthy food, what you should eat on a daily basis and in which ratio. The pyramid-shaped puzzle is divided into seven rows. The largest part of the puzzle (the bottom row) is about exercise. This is most important. The top row consists of sweets. These are not necessary for a balanced diet and therefore have the smallest section. In between are other groups of foodstuffs that provide very important building materials for a healthy body. By using this material actively, children begin to understand the importance of healthy food and learn its various uses. Individually or in a group, suitable for children aged 3 and above. It contains: a wooden puzzle frame and 27 wooden puzzle pieces. L / w : 40 x 35 cm Ref. Code:2203017

  • AED 162.00

    Be the first to fill your plate with a balanced meal! Follow the USDA’s MyPlate guidelines. Food cards have real-life photos and are self-checking (the back of the photo matches the food group it belongs in). Includes 50 food cards, 4 placemats, 1 spinner, Activity guide. Ref. Code:2395

  • AED 96.00

    Let students hear their own heartbeat, sturdy enough to withstand classroom use. Ref. Code:2427

  • AED 265.00

    A fun way of learning about the different parts of the human body and discovering what we’re like inside and outside. While playing with puzzles of the human body, children learn about our bone structure and most important organs. Contains 3 large reversible puzzles. Made from flexible, washable and very- wearing material. Designed for hanging on the wall. Ref. Code:30245

  • AED 482.00

    16 plastic drawings of 35 x 25 cm containing cut-out pieces, whose magnetised figures enable the realisation of more than 100 activities that deal with the basic aspects of the body outline of both boy and girl, as well as in- numerable facial expressions. The educational aspect of this game centres on the perception of the actual body and its elements. Among its multiple psycho- pedagogical objectives, it highlights psychomotor development in which the child becomes conscious of “my” body, as well as linguistic aspect. Collective, handling and language game for the development of: The parts of the body, Spatial and time concepts, Laterality, Sexual Identification, Feeling and emotions, Imitations, Notions of size and colour and form, Creativity and oral expression. Recommended for the learning of a Second Language. Contents: 102 Cut out pieces, 5 plastic bags, 1 bag with self-adhesive magnets, 1 pedagogical and activity guide. Ref. Code:30247

  • AED 227.00

    Learning Resources Skeleton Foam Floor Puzzle. Children can get hands-on as they learn about the human skeleton by assembling this unique soft foam skeleton puzzle! Oversized puzzle will help early learners learn and visualise the name, shape and positioning of all the major bones in the human body. Each piece of puzzle is labelled on the reverse. The complete skeleton L: 122cm Ref. Code:3332

  • AED 77.00

    Set of 12 real size fruits different kinds of fruits, in life size and colours beautiful quality of plastic and real life colours for a great pretend play. Ref. Code:60120

  • AED 77.00

    Set reproducing in real dimensions different kinds of vegetables, in real life size and colours. Ref. Code:60121

  • AED 200.00

    Twice the learning! A skeletal system on one side & major organs & muscle groups on the other! Set includes 17 realistically detailed pieces & an activity guide with reproducible diagrams. L : 90 cm Ref. Code:6044

  • AED 200.00

    Colourful imaginative healthy play food set will introduce healthy eating to children from a young age. Set includes an English muffin half, egg, banana, seven strawberries in a bowl, two pancakes, yogurt pot and a cup of orange juice. Plastic pieces are perfect for small hands and will help develop early vocabulary, language and social skills. Food pieces come in a sturdy plastic shopping basket for easy storage. Endless imaginative play opportunities await little ones. Ref. Code:7290

  • AED 116.00

    Fill your basket at the fruit stand! Invite early dramatic play with freshly designed, soft, easy-to-grasp produce! Includes 9 pieces of colourful fruit stored in a plastic bushel basket. Ref. Code:9720

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