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  • AED 171.15

    Put your brain power to the test with Kanoodle Duplexity! Spark more confidence and challenge your critical thinking skills with the best-selling, addictive TikTok sensation, brain-bending puzzle game! Use your spatial-reasoning and problem-solving skills to complete this set of 200 logic puzzles. Simply select a challenge card and place it in the case. Then, use two-tone magnetic pieces to recreate the puzzle. Sounds like a snap, but remember, both ends of each piece must fit in the puzzle! Are you up for the challenge? Or will you fall to pieces? Totally portable, Kanoodle Duplexity is perfect for puzzling on the go. Ages 8+ Ref. Code:EI-3022

  • AED 171.15

    Who can Kanoodle quicker? Put your pals to the test with this two-person Kanoodle battle! Simply slide a challenge card into the board, place the pieces shown on the card, and then race to fit the remaining pieces into your board—before your buddy does! Think you have the winning configuration? Launch your opponent's Kanoodle with the press of a button for the ultimate checkmate, and claim your victory! Plus, Kanoodling enhances problem-solving, critical-thinking, and spatial-reasoning skills, so this perplexing puzzle challenge is a win-win for everyone! Spark more confidence, build problem-solving skills, and challenge your critical thinking with the advanced version of our best-selling, TikTok sensational, mind-melding, solo puzzle game! The brand new Kanoodle series of 2D and 3D puzzle game sets makes a great addition to your typical 3x3x3 magic speed cube, 3D wooden puzzles, and model building sets with both solo and multi-player challenges with family and friends, both at home and while traveling! Kanoodle puzzles for kids ages 7+ and for adults are stimulating and fun as a brain teaser game and gifts, keeping them entertained for hours! Ref. Code:EI-3036

  • AED 132.30

    Hoppy Floppy needs your help hunting for colorful carrots! Fill your basket first, and you win in this sweet, springtime, hide-and-seek game. Simple to play and understand for young ones, and easy to set up and clean up! Includes colorful game board conveniently located in the game box, 1 Hoppy Floppy Squeezer, 16 carrots, 4 baskets, game spinner, and guide. For 2-4 players, Ages 3+ Ref. Code:EI-3413

  • AED 195.30

    Snatch the bottom piece without tumbling the entire stack to stay in play with Hoopla stack, the game of steady hands and quick reflexes! Players take turns using the hoop to quickly pull a variety of shaped wooden pieces from the bottom of a vertical column. If the stack stays in place, the player places that piece back on top. If the tower tumbles, they're out! This classic, unplugged play pattern is perfect for family game night, parties, and so much more. Plus, it develops fine motor skills, reflexes, and strategic thinking. Ages 7 years and up. Ref. Code:EI-3420

  • AED 952.00

    Boost essential skills…with fun bingo games children love to play! Each game targets a different concept—from letters and sounds to numbers & operations—so stu dents get tons of hands-on practice. Plus, each game includes all you need for up to 36 players, so it’s easy for the whole class to build skills! All 10 games. Each game is also available sep. Ref. Code:JJ390X

  • AED 210.00

    The crazy robot inventor needs your help! Shake the Robot Randomiser to reveal the robot’s features, and then scan the robot heads on the board until you find a match. Players race to be the first to find the correct robot face on the game board. This fast paced attribute finding game is frantic fun for the whole family! There’s no reading needed during game play, so it’s ideal for preschoolers and fun for the whole family. For 2-4 players. Ages 4+ Ref. Code:2889

  • AED 156.45

    Classic game play has a brand-new look! Math becomes an adventure with this award-winning addition and subtraction game that takes kids on a journey through Sum Swamp. They'll make their way over the crocodile shortcut and through the swamp to the finish by adding and subtracting the numbers on the dice. Engage students as they explore and apply the properties of operations. Our unique tools reinforce these essential skills while challenging students to create and mentally solve equations. Ref. Code:5052

  • AED 146.00

    Kit of all 3 boxes includes the shopping list game, and 2 extra packs. Promotes memory, matching, healthy eating in a best-selling fun game. Ref. Code:OR003K

  • AED 146.00

    Set of 2 games: What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? Tell The Time. Promotes social skills and team building. Links with Early Learning Goals in Logic and mathematics and time learning. Ref. Code:OR015K

  • AED 339.00

    Set of 4 games: Bus Stop, Pop to the Shops, Frog Party, Magic Cauldron Game. Promotes social skills and team building. Links with Early Learning Goals in Logic and mathematics Ref. Code:OR030K

  • AED 250.00

    Set of 3 games: football game, Dinosaur race, irate Snakes and ladders & Ludo. In Football game, Players will watch the ball pass backwards and forwards as they race the score the winning goal in this exciting game of football. In Rockets and Comets, Players zoom up rockets, slide down comets and get sucked into black holes as they travel to the moon in this fun space-themed snakes and ladders. in Pirate Snakes and ladders & Ludo, Old favourites are given an exciting pirates twist on this double-sided playing board. Ref. Code:OR040K

  • AED 239.00

    Set of 2 games: Sound Detective, What a performance! An entertaining, charades-style game. Players compete to see who can guess their competitor’s sounds and actions to collect the most stars. Players must use their imagination to perform the actions on the cards. If they can’t, they must use the magic decoder to reveal their hidden forfeit Ref. Code:OR050K

  • AED 381.00

    Set of 6 games: Colour Match: first colour Puzzles, Dotty Dinosaur, Follow That Car! Pizza! Pizza!, Monster Bingo, Red Dog. Blue Dog. Promotes colour recognition, Develops hand-eye co-ordination. Encourages matching skills. Ref. Code:OR060K

  • AED 66.00

    Kit of all 3 boxes includes the shopping list game, and 2 extra packs. Promotes memory, matching, healthy eating in a best-selling fun game. Ref. Code:OR171K

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