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  • AED 96.00

    As place value becomes the essential method of teaching mathematical concepts, this set presents full resources & support for both teachers & pupil - at all levels. 121 plastic pieces easily attached to each other: 1 cube of 1000 10 pieces of 100, 10 bars of 10 & 100 cubes of 1. Ref. Code:1002

  • AED 42.00

    Used to develop number concept, counting, addition & subtraction, each set contains 10 tracks with numbers from 1 to 100 cm, in 2 colours slide x 50 pcs, with length from 1 to 10 cm, each length 5 pieces in 5 colours. Packed in a plastic box. L/ w / h : 16 x 7.8 x 4 cm Ref. Code:1006

  • AED 64.00

    Space cube consists of cubes with one peg and cubes with 6 holes. Each side measures 2 cm. They are connectable on all sides and rotate. They develop spatial sense of symmetry, logical thinking, problem solving, fine motor skills and creativity. Set of 88 pieces with an activity guide. L / w / h: 19.2 x 14.5 x 6 cm Ref. Code:1017

  • AED 77.00

    This number equaliser balance is used to display number relationships of equal to (=), greater than (>), and less than (<). Addition and subtraction can be practised by putting the weights on the pegs of the balance beam. Set includes 20 pieces of 10g weights and a guide. Colours may vary. L / w / h : 65.5 x 7 x 19.5 cm Ref. Code:1026

  • AED 75.00

    Set of 60 pcs containing 5 shapes (square, rectangle, circle, triangle and hexagon). 3 colours (red, yellow, blue) and 2 sizes (10 square cm and 30 square cm) and 2 thicknesses (3mm and 6 mm). Each set is packed in a plastic box with lock. Ref. Code:1027

  • AED 189.00

    31 letters tiles. 1 Set of consonants and 2 sets of vowels. Fits perfectly on item 1177 All in One Learning Board.Teacher’s guide included. Packed in a sturdy plastic box with handle and locks. L / w / h : 37 x 23 x 16 cm Ref. Code:1401

  • AED 106.00

    6 double-sided cards with 33 CVC words and a complete alphabet printing. Fits perfectly on item 1177 All in One Learning Board.Teacher’s guide included. L / w : 75 x 65 cm Ref. Code:1402

  • AED 116.00

    8 Boards, 200 colourful rubber bands and a guide per set. Each set is packed in a colourful box. Explore, compare, make geometric shapes and designs; compare similarities, differences of shape and size count and work with symmetry, congruence, perimeter, area, fractions and angles. Made of durable polypropylene. One side has 5X5 pin array, other side has 12 pin circular arrangement. L / w / h : 18.5 x 18.5 x 18.5 cm Ref. Code:1601

  • AED 215.00

    A calendar with a very intuitive structure that helps young children to understand how time is organized. Its vertical deductive structure allows children to move from global to individual concepts and helps them to form a clear and schematic image of the composition of time over a year. Ref. Code:30120

  • AED 895.00

    Set of 4 chairs matching with the T120 Try-Play Table. Patented snap together system. Assembly and disassembly quick and easy. Child-safe and sturdy connectors and tubes durable ABS plastic in rounded corners to prevent injuries. Ref. Code:3599

  • AED 85.00

    This set includes a magnetic wooden doll and a wooden stand with colour ful and attractive magnetic outfits and accessories for pretend play! Ref. Code:50021

  • AED 58.00

    Each multi layer puzzle contains 4 different pictures illustrating the transformation of an egg to a rooster, a tadpole to a frog or a caterpillar to a butterfly, stimulating the children to explore the nature. L / w / h : 18 x 18 x 1.3 cm Ref. Code:50113

  • AED 58.00

    An exciting game which stimulates a child awareness of spatial relations, hand eye-coordination, colour recognition and develops a child’s number skills in a fun way. Comes with 1 magnetic stick which is used to trace the magnetic balls through the maze. L / w / h: 22 x 18 x 1.3 cm Ref. Code:59966

  • AED 95.00

    A fantastic set that is an absolute must have for any Clay fans! This celebratory Birthday set contains everything that you need to enjoy and play with clay. The set includes eight pots of high-quality, soft and brightly-coloured clay and twelve special cutters in a variety of shapes. The clay includes a selection of some of the most popular ranges including aroma, confetti, glitter and trendy.  Ref. Code:SES00498

  • AED 43.00

    Ref. Code:SES00501

  • AED 32.00

    The mess free alternative to drawing with a Magical touch! This Magic Slate has two sides, including a rainbow side that you can draw all over with whatever you like with the special pen. Once you've finished simply pull the slider over the board to completely erase the image and start again. A great idea for a travel accessory as no paper is required. Ref. Code:SES00541

  • AED 51.00

    Ref. Code:SES00912

  • AED 58.00

    Blowing bubbles isn’t what it used to be. You can make mega-sized bubbles using the handy tool and super strong soap solution. How big can you go? Hold the sticks together and dip the rope in the soap solution. Remove it again and pull the sticks apart carefully. You’ll now have a bubble. Walk backwards slowly and watch the bubble get bigger and bigger. Once its big enough, pull the sticks together again. The mega bubble will now start floating. See how far it flies! Blow softly and briefly against the large bubble (a short puff) and see if you can create a small bubble inside the large one. Ref. Code:SES02251

  • AED 53.00

    A safe and non-toxic bubble blowing liquid which produces “zillions” of great bubbles. Ref. Code:SES02256

  • AED 205.00

    It's every kid's dream: a slime fight! With the Slime battle blaster, you can shoot slime more than 10 metres! Simply fill the slime gun with the slippery green slime supplied. There's enough for over 100 shots. Everybody ready? Shoot! The slime is safe and easy to wash out of fabrics. Refills available in fluorescent green (02273) and neon orange (02274). Ref. Code:SES02271

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