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  • AED 74.00 AED52.00

    • Learn through play with this fun game designed for children aged 3-6 years. • Color in the sheets of paper with the included pencils and then piece them together to make 3d animals. • A great idea for a rainy day. • Fun and easy to make, kids will love unleashing their creative side! Ref. Code:SES14829

  • AED 84.00 AED59.00

    The best way of learning how to do something is through practice, so this kit provides the perfect opportunity to do so in a safe and fun way. A fun and unique way of learning to tie shoe laces; this great kit provides a toy shoe and laces for your child to practise and learn how to tie their own laces quickly and simply. A great way of developing hand-eye co-ordination skills in young children.  Ref. Code:SES14835

  • AED 42.00 AED30.00

    Learn to perforate. Step-by-step instructions on how to perforate with 9 fun perforation patterns. Including a perforation pen and felt. Ref. Code:SES14836

  • AED 58.00 AED41.00

    Learn how to paint in 3 steps. First practise with fingers and finger-paint. After this warming-up you start painting with a thick paintbrush. Then you`re ready for the fine brush and learn how to make small lines and fine details. You`ll soon become a real artist. Includes 16 paint cards. Ref. Code:SES14837

  • AED 48.00 AED34.00

    You can make cheerful and colorful figures on the supplied embroidery cards. Embroider a cat, butterfly, horse and dog. The cards are pre-printed and pre-punched, making it easier to embroider and safely get the needle through the holes. Ref. Code:SES14838

  • AED 48.00 AED34.00

    Recognising different shapes. What shape are the wheels of a bus? And the pyramid or the windows of a skyscraper? Look for the correct shape with the right colour and stick it on the sheets (see the dotted line). Soon you’ll start to see shapes everywhere around you. Ref. Code:SES14839

  • AED 95.00 AED67.00

    For young children there is still so much to learn. Why not do it in a playful way? This SES set is a perfect way for young children to learn all kinds of basic skills. Learn to cut, perforate and make mosaics in a fun and safe way. Includes all sorts of cheerful printed sheets to make learning fun! Ref. Code:SES14878

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