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  • AED 1,484.00

    Now kids can dress up just like grown-ups! Our mix & match costumes fit easily over clothes to transform children into whoever they want to be…plus, there are enough pieces to share—including purses, shawls, hats, gloves & more! 19 pieces in a plastic storage trunk. Fits ages 3 to 5. L / w / h: 44.5 x 35.5 x 34 cm Ref. Code:PP426

  • AED 1,484.00

    Dozens of imaginative costumes all in one trunk! The mix & match pieces have a grown-up look, but they’re all designed for quick & easy dress-up—so they’re perfect for kids. You get a jacket & fishing vest with hook & loop closures, a necktie, a golf-style shirt, hats, gloves & “tools” for pretend repairs, and more. 16 pieces in a plastic storage trunk. Fits ages 3 to 5. L / w / h : 44.5 x 35.5 x 34 cm Ref. Code:PP427

  • AED 339.00

    Our activity-filled center lets kids bandage pretend wounds, listen to heartbeats, examine X-rays & more! 22-pc. set contains everything kids need, including a clipboard, stethoscope and write & wipe charts kids can use again & again ! Cute, soft-sewn puppy for little ones to care for complete with poseable legs for extra-realistic play. Puppy sold separately. L/w: 23 x 28 cm, Puppy L: 24 cm Ref. Code:PP718

  • AED 127.00

    The perfect addition to our Classroom Vet Center, this cute, soft-sewn puppy is tons of fun to care for—and comes complete with poseable legs for extra-realistic play. Ref. Code:PP719

  • AED 199.00

    Hold the life-size human x-rays up to a light source, or use them on our Educational Light Cube (R59601). Arrange the pieces to compose a complete body, 1.5) '5 m) tall. 18 x-rays, reproducible worksheets & guide. Ref. Code:R5911

  • AED 193.00

    Look inside the human body with full size, colourful MRI scans! The kit includes a complete scan of the entire body along with 2 overlays that reveal more details of internal organs. Compatible with R5911 True To Life Human X-Rays. 20 pieces — 1 full body MRI scan (1.5 m) tall, 2 body organ overlays & guide. Ref. Code:R59254

  • AED 960.00

    Easy to slip on, easy to take off…our dress-ups are made just for toddlers! Each wipe-clean vinyl dress-up has realistic details silk screened right on, plus handy hook & loop closures. Each slip-on outfit comes with a hat & a soft, flexible accessory made just for tots, like a lasso for the cowboy & a magic wand for the princess. L: 43 cm Ref. Code:TT215

  • AED 3,895.00

    Here’s the perfect place to store costumes and accessories—and with a full-length mirror, it’s the perfect place to play dress-up! Hardwood center has an open “closet” area, so kids can reach in from either side to grab a costume off the 8 handy hooks. Plus, each side has a shelf above and below for small items like hats and shoes. With a shatterproof mirror attached to one side. L / w / h (Center): 46 x 45 x 128 cm, L (Shatterproof mirror): 115 cm Ref. Code:WB885

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