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  • AED 519.75

    Kids can learn numerous basic coding program concepts by completing our lesson challenges which encourages hands-on involvement with the robot and the story cards. There are many scenarios and stories to make learning fun! It is an ideal toy for a child to learn basic coding logic and requires no additional technology like tablets or smart phones. This product includes: 30 story cards, 120 coding cards, 1 Base Unit, and an assortment of blocks, for building different models. The “Base Unit” reads the coding cards which command it to move ( FWD, BWD, turn L/R, pause and spin). There is an external gear on the Base Unit which can interact with other models or functions on the robot. It comes with sound and light effects. Requires 2 AA/LR06 batteries not included. Ref. Code:GIG7442

  • AED 802.00

    Our child-friendly signs are made of rugged, all weather plastic, so they’re the perfect addition to any roadway - indoors or out! The easy-to read signs are lightweight and a cinch to set up... You can even fill the bases with sand or water to keep them extra-stable. L: 78.75 cm tall Ref. Code:JJ374

  • AED 597.00

    Multiple graphics and colours for children’s first art lesson. Tiles at proper size for young children, easy to take and remove. Easy connective boards for a larger platform to play. Builds up children’s structural concept. Enhances children’s spatial orientation and visual perspective. Develops fine motor skills during creative play. Set contains 2 boards and 75 tiles. L / w / t tile : 4 x 4 x 1.3 cm L / w / t board : 20 x 20 x 0.8 cm Ref. Code:KC2009

  • AED 405.00

    Total: Handprint 6 pairs- footprint 6 pairs. Surface is covers with bumps, which can stimulate hands and feet. The reverse side can also be attached to the floor to the prevent slipping. The size and the density of the protruding dots on the Footprint& Handprint are designed with the consideration of hand and foot nerve locations in mind. Ref. Code:KM2008

  • AED 266.00

    Children learn to recognize & understand positional words as they move cute manipulatives into one position after the next! You get 4 pairs of manipulatives, plus 24 cards with rebus-style instructions. Kids just follow the instructions to move the objects into place, and then flip the cards over to check their work. With each move, kids boost their understanding of positional words and strengthen their ability to give & follow directions! Bear L: 9 cm Ref. Code:PP949

  • AED 315.00

    It’s a cinch to learn positional words—with engaging, interactive books that let children place a character into each scene! Kids just read the simple, repetitive sentences and position the attached animal as described. Includes 6 hardcover books, each 8 pages. Ref. Code:TT322

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