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  • AED 45.00

    A4 card in assorted colours. 210g. Pack of 100 sheets Ref. Code:C98007

  • AED 495.00

    A good selection of the most popular papers that offers excellent value for money. Includes: 500 sheets of A2 newsprint, 250 sheets of assorted A2 sugar paper, 250 sheets of assorted A4 sugar paper, 100 sheets of A4 assorted coloured card and 100 sheets A4 white card. INCLUDES • 500 sheets A2 newsprint • 250 sheets A2 sugar paper • 250 sheets A4 sugar paper • 100 sheets A4 coloured card • 100 sheets A4 white card Ref. Code:C98008

  • AED 375.00

    80gsm paper in 10 assorted colours-500 sheets (2 packs of 250 sheets). Ref. Code:C98009

  • AED 325.00

    All your favourite paper and card in one great value pack. INCLUDES • 250 sheets A4 sugar paper (80gsm) • 100 sheets A4 white card (160gsm) • 100 sheets A4 black card (270gsm) • 100 sheets A4 coloured card (250gsm) • 100 sheets A4 pastel card (210gsm) • 250 sheets A4 coloured paper (90gsm Ref. Code:C98009K

  • AED 135.00

    Pack of 5 rolls. L/w: 50cm x 10m Ref. Code:C98100

  • AED 375.00

    These sugar paper assortments offer excellent value for money and are supplied in sturdy storage boxes which incorporate cut-out handles to allow easy transportation.Contains 2,750 sheets in total: 1,500 x A4, 750 x A3 and 500 x A2 in white only. 75g Ref. Code:C98104K

  • AED 225.00

    80gsm paper in 10 assorted colours -1,000 sheets (4 packs of 250 sheets) Ref. Code:C98117

  • AED 135.00

    Pack of 6 rolls in assorted colours – one each of blue, pink, yellow, emerald, black and orange. 80g L/w: 50cm x 10m Ref. Code:C98200

  • AED 175.00

    Box of 6 assorted rolls in gold, silver, red, blue, green and copper. L/w: 450 x 50 cm. Ref. Code:C98212

  • AED 89.00

    Handfuls of fun in every bag! This 3-dimensional tissue paper grass is easy for crafters of all ages to use. Apply glue, and then apply handfuls of the paper to liven up your next arts and crafts project. Our large classroom bag comes in an array of vibrant colours. blue, green, lime, magenta, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise and yellow. Ref. Code:CHTGRASS

  • AED 455.00

    This pack provides a great opportunity to save money on our popular A2 size kaleidoscope and sugar papers. Includes 250 sheets of kaleidoscope sugar paper in 10 assorted colours, 250 sheets of black sugar paper and 250 sheets of white sugar paper. Excellent quality, 100 gsm paper, outstanding value. Ref. Code:CV1009

  • AED 162.00

    A2 Size, 250 sheets, 100g Ref. Code:CV1012

  • AED 173.00

    Pack of 250 sheets - 100g Ref. Code:CV1013

  • AED 58.00

    Pack of 6 colours of bright crepe paper- one fold each of green, orange, yellow, red, blue and pink. The crepe paper is 17 gsm with 20% stretch and is colourfast and acid-free L/w: 50cm x 2.5m Ref. Code:ED157

  • AED 173.00

    A simple first weaving project for small hands. Pack contains pre-cut paper circles, strips for threading and paper shapes for decorating. Produce stunning results very easily. Ref. Code:ED215

  • AED 116.00

    Enhance handmade crafts and displays with shimmering iridescent paper. This pack contains 20 sheets of iridescent paper, with each sheet measuring 50 cm wide x 70 cm long. There are 10 colour styles included, meaning you get two sheets of each colour on every roll. Ref. Code:ED965

  • AED 636.00

    A fabulous bundle packed full of fantastically varied craft papers and card. A mix of coloured and printed papers, tissue paper, crepe paper, iridescent and holographic card, fluorescent paper, corrugated card, stickers and much more. Includes over 540 sheets in A3 and A4 sizes. Ref. Code:ED966

  • AED 8.00

    25 g bag. Perfect for Easter projects. Ref. Code:MM191

  • AED 262.00

    Textured fabrics in assorted colours for children to explore and investigate. 26 pre-printed, self adhesive, adjective labels are provided to encourage discussion and description of the textures and for sorting and identification tasks. Includes 26 pieces of fabric, sizes vary according to material Patterns and colours may vary from those illustrated. Ref. Code:MM328

  • AED 85.00

    Paper Circles, 5cm, 10cm and 15cm - 100 of each size in assorted colours Ref. Code:MM493

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