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  • AED 277.00

    Get magnetized! Everyone can explore hands-on with this complete 224 pieces magnetic classroom set for 25 students. Includes: 100 magnetic chips, 100 magnetic paper clips, 10 marbles, 7 magnetic wands, 2 metal bar magnets, 2 metal ring magnets, 2 mini metal horseshoe magnets, 1 large plastic horseshoe magnet, teacher’s guide and storage box. Ref. Code:2064

  • AED 150.00

    Real working tool is great for detecting metal in a sand pit, at the beach or underground. Features an adjustable, easy-to-grip handle. Lights up and makes a beeping sound when metal objects are found. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. L : 30 cm Ref. Code:2732

  • AED 31.00

    Clear Plastic Cased Compass with Black Background Diam : 4.5 cm Ref. Code:50080

  • AED 69.00

    Double sided plotting compasses which can be viewed from both sides or used on an overhead projector.Diam: 1.9 cm Ref. Code:50118K

  • AED 96.00

    Clear Plastic Cased Compass with Black Background Diam : 4.5 cm Ref. Code:50198K

  • AED 69.00

    These may look like your regular chips but they actually contain a metallic ring on the inside of each one making it easy for magnets to pick them up. Chips are sonically welded for extra durability. Supplied in assorted colours. Ref. Code:50409

  • AED 289.00

    This sturdy acrylic case features tiny iron filings floating in liquid…kids just glide a magnet over the top to get an incredible view of magnetism in action! Magnets sold separately. L / w : 25.5 x 20 cm Ref. Code:CE501

  • AED 185.00

    These all-purpose metal magnets have colour-coded poles for easy identification. Great for conducting various magnetic experiments. Each magnet is 10cm long. Ref. Code:LA657

  • AED 231.00

    Children feel magnetic force like never before with this extremely powerful magnet. This giant 21 cm easy-grip magnet has clearly identified poles. Supplied in assorted colours. Ref. Code:MA001

  • AED 31.00

    Set of 12 assorted colour magnetic marbles. Ref. Code:MA002

  • AED 135.00

    Magnet play Set of 15 assorted magnets. Ideal for magnet discovery. Ref. Code:MA003K

  • AED 135.00

    Children will be fascinated when experimenting with this Set of magnetic balls and a powerful wand. Wand measures 19 cm long and comes with 5 colourful 1 cm diameter marbles. Ref. Code:MA004K

  • AED 135.00

    (2) Characters, (2) Bumper Cars, (8) Rings, Stand, (2) Magic Wands, (2) Iron Filling Cases, Ruler, Dangling Pivot, (3) Strings, Base, Illustrated Instruction Manual Ref. Code:MA052

  • AED 127.00

    An attractive wrist compass with a precise bearing reading Ref. Code:PH004K

  • AED 501.00

    Amaze children with the wonders of magnetism as they make magnets float in midair, go on a magnetic scavenger hunt…even see how a magnet’s poles work! Kit comes with all your class needs for unlimited exploration, including magnetic wands, horseshoe magnets, bar magnets & more. You also get 20 activity cards featuring exciting experiments, each with an explanation on back to reinforce key concepts & ideas! Over 100 pieces, all in a storage tub. Ref. Code:PP512

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